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Hogenakkal falls is an ideal weekend getaway in Bangalore. Our trip to Hogennekal falls helped us realise that this place truly deserves the name “Niagara falls of India”. The beauty of river kaveri flowing through rock formations was amazing. Moreover, the scintillating experience of waterfalls from the coracle ride was totally different experience for us. We never expected this place has so much to offer apart from just waterfalls.

Hogenakkal falls
River Kaveri dropping from 5 Different points at Hogenakkal

About Hogenakkal

Hogenakkal Falls is located at a distance of 170 KMs from Bangalore . The river kaveri flows through the rock formations made out of carbonatite which is considered to be one among oldest stones. Hogenakkal is located at the Tamilnadu border and the part of Hogenakkal falls flows in Tamilnadu and rest of the part flows is Karnataka.

We thought Hogenakkal is a single waterfall but we were fascinated when we saw multiple waterfalls since the river Kaveri drops here and creates multiple water falls as it passes through the rocky terrain. There are two routes to reach the falls.

Routes & Road Condition to Hogenakkal Falls

Route 1 : Bangalore – Attibele – Rayakottai road – Hogenakkal ( Total Distance 110 KMs).

Route 2 : Bangalore – Attibele Toll Plaza- Dharmapuri (NH 44) – Hogenakkal (Total distance 170 Kms)

Hogenakkal Falls ride
Beautiful Fields along the way to Hogenakkal
Road condition at hogenakkal falls
Ideal roads for some ultimate Highway cruising experience

Though route 1 is short but it passes through state highways and road condition is bad at most of the places but it is best for people wanting to experience countryside with beautiful fields and hills. Most part of Route 2 is National highway with excellent road condition after exiting highway there were beautiful fields and villages and roads were excellent. We wanted to do some highway cruising and experience the scenic beauty of the beautiful countryside of Tamilnadu. So we went with Route 2 while going and took Route 1 while returning.

Fields on the way to Hogenakkal falls
Fields beside NH 44
Beautiful Country Side on the way to Hogenakkal
Beautiful Country Side on the way to Hogenakkal

The Final 10 Kms stretch of this route 2 consisted of riding down the hill with some minor hairpin bends but condition of the road was excellent. The entire stretch of this route offers beautiful view of the hill ranges. So we took multiple photo stops to capture some moments by parking our bike at safe view points.

Fields near Hogenakkal road
Fields after exiting the NH 44
Fields after exiting the NH 44
Fields after exiting the NH 44
Water stream on the way to Hogenakkal falls
Water Stream beside highway

Witnessing the Anger of River Kaveri

After reaching Hogenakkal we parked our bike and headed towards the river which was about 200 meters from the parking zone and there were many eateries selling fried fish caught from the fresh waters of Kaveri. The water was gushing with enormous speed with uproar. It was as if the river was angry .

Kaveri River near parking of Hogenakkal falls
Kaveri Near Parking
Kaveri River near parking of Hogenakkal falls

Body Massage at Hogenakkal Falls

After spending about half an hour at the river we headed towards the main waterfall after enquiring about the route from the local shop owners. It was at a walk able distance and the entire stretch was filled with even more fried fish stalls. The area near Main Hogenakkal water fall was bit unhygienic as local villagers were offering body massage. There were even separate lady therapist for ladies as well. But we were not interested as it was bit unhygienic. After taking massage,people were taking bath under the waterfalls and there were even changing rooms.

Main Waterfalls in Hogenakkal

We took the ticket after paying INR 5 at the ticket counter and we were guided to the hanging bridge. The view of main waterfall from the hanging bridge was breathtaking.

People taking bath under natural shower at Hogenakkal falls
People Taking Bath under Natural shower !!

Fish Market and Meal

It was afternoon already and the multiple fish shops we have seen so far were already tickling our taste buds and we visited the fish market near the main waterfalls. There were people selling fishes everywhere and at the other side there were ladies preparing fish for the visitors. One can actually buy the fish from market and give it to local villagers near that place for cooking. A fish meal for 6 People which includes fish fry, fish curry and rice costs just Rs. 500-600 !.

As we were just 2 people we were advised to have meals at near by restaurants. There are many small restaurants spread all across the Hogenakkal. If Hygiene is not one’s priority, food esp. fish is definitely worth giving a try at Hogenakkal.

Coracle Ride

We were approached by so many people for Coracle ride near the parking area. So finally we decided to go with one old man, He was very sweet and was not demanding unlike others. The Coracle rides are highly negotiable as these rides are quoted well above the Government fixed fare of INR 110.

Sweet Coracle owner !

We negotiated a private ride for 2 Hours for INR 900. The coracle was large enough to carry around 6 to 7 people. The initial ride was sail through steady and calm waters of river Kaveri. There was hill at the background offering amazing view.

Beautiful hills at the background at the Hogenakkal falls
Coracle shop at Hogenakkal Falls
Coracle Shop !

As the coracle approached near the water fall, the gushing sound of the waters was like uproar and the sweet man took as very near to the water fall. The mist created due to water hitting the stones was like smoke and its droplets were falling upon us ! and On the way we even saw some Coracle shops selling snacks for the visitors. The entire ride was worth remembering and cherishing through out our lives.

Swimming in River Kaveri

Swimming near Main Hogenakkal area is prohibited but we figured out a spot while returning back after taking Route 1.We swam and played in water for some time & even collected few pebbles !

Swimming spot near Hogenakkal falls
Swimming spot near Hogenakkal

Travelling Tips to Hogenakkal Falls:

Best Time to Visit Hogenakkal falls?

Best time to visit Hogenakkal would be from the month of July to January. But avoid going soon after the monsoons as boating would be stopped due to overflowing of the river.

How to Reach Hogenakkal Falls?

How to Reach Hogenakkal Falls from Bangalore?

Hogenakkal is about 170 KMs from Bangalore and there is no direct public transport available. But one can get ample of buses to Dharmapuri from Silk Board. Hogenekkal is 45 Kms from Dhrmapuri.

The best way to reach Hogenakkal would be through private transport or by bike rentals.

Hogenakkal Entry Fee & Timings ?

The Entry fee for main water falls is INR 5.

The coracle ride can costs between INR 500 to 1000 for 6 Persons.

Timings: 6 AM to 5PM

It is advisable to reach by afternoon to cover entire water falls and coracle ride.

Accomdation, Hotels & Restaurants in Hogenakkal Falls?

Hogenakkal is a small town so no luxurious hotels are available for stay. However, there are plenty of small lodges available.

Restaurants in Hogenakkal:

One gets to find many restaurants selling fish meals which are run by locals.

Other visiting places?

Other visiting places near Hogenakkal falls:

Mettur Dam (50 Kms)

Yelagiri (150 Kms)

Other Waterfalls near Bangalore?

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